Kiri-Ann & Blake – Sunrise Adventure Session at Muriwai

June 18, 2020

There’s something special about seeing the sunrise. As the new day breaks, so do new chances, new opportunities & fresh starts. Each day is truly a gift! We are so glad we were able to photograph Kiri-Ann and Blake for a sunrise adventure session at Muriwai Beach. This shoot lit a fire under our creative belly. It was so incredibly refreshing! The light was absolutely beautiful and these guys were keen for all of our adventurous ideas!

We arrived at Muriwai Beach at 6:45am nice and early with Ayla too – our kid loves the beach so we couldn’t leave our adventurous 14 month old behind! We met Kiri & Blake at 7am and headed to the beach to capture those beautiful pastel tones just before the sun rose. Then we ventured into the dunes as the sun made its first appearance of the day! If that wasn’t enough, we then headed up to Maori Bay and they went for a couple surf!! Seriously, best thing ever. It was ridiculously cute & the light was incredible!

Enough from me, check the session out for yourself!

And just for fun… a few behind the scene shots of Ayla trying to make an escape for the waves and enjoying a Marmite roll for her second breakfast haha.

So who’s ready to adventure with us?!