Adam and Kirsty from Wonderferris posing and looking away from camera

Adam & Kirst

We're Adam and Kirsten, the married duo behind Wonderferris. Our journey began in late 2014 when we launched our photography business, initially focusing on weddings and portraits. As our passion for photography grew, so did our desire to work with businesses and brands, leading us to establish Wonderferris Commercial.

Based in Northwest Auckland, we've been happily married since November 2016 and are proud parents to our daughters, Ayla and Elodie. Our down-to-earth approach and love for exploring life's wonders fuel our creativity in capturing memorable moments.

At Wonderferris, we believe in living life with a sense of wonder, always ready to discover beauty in the unseen. Our photography journey has evolved to encompass a diverse range of services, including corporate events, studio product photography, and business and personal branding sessions. We understand the importance of documenting family life and cherish the opportunity to share our experiences while providing families with timeless memories to cherish.

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  • Adam Ferris

    Adam is the arms and legs of Wonderferris, Adam gets down and amongst it with every client making them feel like a million dollars. He has a passion for going deeper and bringing out his clients personalities to give them the freedom to be them. He's also takes care to make a safe and fun environment, so time will fly and you'll have wonderful images at the end of your experience.

  • Kirsten Ferris

    Kirsty is the heart and soul of WonderFerris, infusing every aspect with her warmth and expertise. As the co-founder and administrator, she's the driving force behind the scenes, ensuring that every detail is handled with care. Kirsten takes pride in creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere, whether she's responding to emails or engaging with clients on social media and occasionally shooting when she can't resist!